Garfield French

New Single from the Forthcoming Album


Garfield is a Canadian band led by founder Garfield French that recorded and toured internationally under the Polydor label and the Capricorn label from Macon Georgia. The experimental rock band became known for its elaborate staging and versatile musicians. Garfield now writes and produces from his studio in Ontario and some new works will also feature members of the original act as well.

Featured Album

The latest album release from Garfield out now! You can preview the album or purchase from our online store.


I recently had a conversation with writer Nancy Thorne about the past, present, and future of Garfield. Here is an excerpt from the article she published on her website. An intimate look at why successful rock musician, singer, and songwriter, Garfield French, left the music industry. And why he’s finally returned on his own terms. […]

For those wondering what is taking so long to release the new album I want to provide an update.