Garfield French

GARFIELD! Why he left the music scene. And what brought him back.

by Garfield

I recently had a conversation with writer Nancy Thorne about the past, present, and future of Garfield. Here is an excerpt from the article she published on her website.

An intimate look at why successful rock musician, singer, and songwriter, Garfield French, left the music industry. And why he’s finally returned on his own terms.

The songs of rock musician, singer, and songwriter Garfield French resonated with the masses as his band GARFIELD recorded and toured internationally in the 1970s and early 1980s. I feel very fortunate to have snagged this interview with him.

ME: Hi, Garfield. First off, let me tell you how much I love the title track from your recent album December Roads. The new material you wrote to honour your father touches me deeply. Can you share some insight into what set in motion the album’s creation?

GARFIELD: My father’s final days were very tragic. He passed in the midst of a horrific rift in his family. It all began one September day when I got a call telling me he was at work but something was very wrong with him. I dropped what I was doing and raced to his office. I am the eldest of nine. As I entered his office he put down his pen and looked up at me. He said “Ron, my son, my affairs are not in order.” He was diagnosed with a fast growing terminal brain tumour and was scheduled for brain surgery the following day. Dad was living with another woman at the time (he was separated, but not yet divorced, from Mom). This, combined with business, money, and the usual family politics compounded by fear and grief caused a rift in our tight knit Newfie family. The months that followed until he passed were filled with nothing but pain, anguish, and infighting that ended for me in a breakdown. The divide was so deep that I was told if I attended the funeral the police would be called. The album December Roads contains several snapshots of his final days. Writing and producing it was my only saving grace.

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