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Update on the New Album

by Garfield
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For those wondering what is taking so long to release the new album I want to provide an update.

I have an autoimmune disease that attacks my throat. It began in the eighties. If I attempt to sing before the cycle is complete I often suffer a relapse and must go through the whole torturous process again. An MRI showed deposits and scar tissue on my throat which only get worse if I try to sing before I’m healed.

And that, my friends is why it takes me so long to release an album.

Months go by when l can’t do any vocal work at all and even conversation is reduced to a whispered minimum. It’s very frustrating but l have adapted the rhythm of my life and the creative process accordingly.

The remaining tunes from this album have been very near completion for months. They only await my vocals. I am laying the groundwork for another album while I wait for my next vocal window to open.

Thank you for all your patience.

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  • Frank

    Your music is not only my muisical upbringing but also my now. I listen to it and admire the the depth ( so personal )

    • DALE R.

      You are an amazing artist that for the most part not nearly enough people know about and for the love of me I’ll never understand …but for those of us who do know you,and know you well we wish you well and look forward to your completed,long awaited musical artistry.always know that you are and always.Will be in our prayers for your health and your next album.

  • Ken

    so sorry and best wishes for healing. I always loved your voice.

  • Rob MacDonald

    Is there any timeframe when the new album might be released. I can’t wait to get it!

  • Al

    Grew up listening to your songs, never aging

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