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Update on the New Album

by Garfield
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For those wondering what is taking so long to release the new album I want to provide an update.

I have an autoimmune disease that attacks my throat. It began in the eighties. If I attempt to sing before the cycle is complete I often suffer a relapse and must go through the whole torturous process again. An MRI showed deposits and scar tissue on my throat which only get worse if I try to sing before I’m healed.

And that, my friends is why it takes me so long to release an album.

Months go by when l can’t do any vocal work at all and even conversation is reduced to a whispered minimum. It’s very frustrating but l have adapted the rhythm of my life and the creative process accordingly.

The remaining tunes from this album have been very near completion for months. They only await my vocals. I am laying the groundwork for another album while I wait for my next vocal window to open.

Thank you for all your patience.

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