Garfield French

Flights of Fantasy

This album is a more pop oriented and was also the last album using any original members.

Walter Lawrence guitars. Dennis French Drums and bg vocals. Garfield Lead vocals and guitar. Neil Nickafor Base. Dan Donavan Base. Jeff Fisher .Werlitzer in Small town Women. Mike Phillups congas. Steve Kennedy Saxaphone. Back Ground Vocals. Michelle Chollette. Lida Madey. Colleen Mcilroy. Kelly Jay and Kary Kundle.
Produced by Dan Donavan and Garfield French. Engineered by Dan Donavan, Mixing Engineer Chris Stone.
Recorded at Springfield Studio London Ontario.
Mixed at Trident Studio in London, England.
All songs written by Garfield French and published by IrvingMusic of Canada.
Photography Graham Fowler.