Garfield French

Out There Tonight

All selections written by Garfield French and published by
Private Affair Songs (ASCAP), a division of Private Affair Enterprises LTD.

Produced by Terry Woodford and Clayton Ivey for Wishbone, INC.

Engineers: Steve Moore & Terry Woodford / Assistant Engineers: David Howell & Kevin Lamb
Remix Engineer: Terry Woodford / Concert Engineer: Gideon Hendrickse
Recorded at Wishbone Recording Studio, Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Mastered at Masterfonics, INC., Nashville, Tennessee

Strings arranged by Clayton Ivey and copied by David Howell
Clayton Ivey plays piano on “After All This Time”

Management: James A. Smith & Associates, 29 Oriole Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Garfield French: Lead & background vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, string ensemble
Dennis French: Drums, percussion, piano, background vocals / Maris Tora: Bass
Walter Lawrence: Lead guitar, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, background vocals
Jaques Fillion: String ensemble, ARP omni synthesizer / Chip Yarwood: Flute, sax, clarinet,
piano, MOOG synthesizer, ARP synthesizer, guitar, harmonica, background vocals
Paul O’Donnell: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, string ensemble,
ARP omni synthesizer, classical guitar, background vocals

Art Direction: Garfield French
Photography: Bruce Cole, B.I.C. Photography
Graphic production by Versatel Corporate Services Limited, Don Mills
Airbrushing by Associated Retouchers