Garfield French


Update on the New Album

For those wondering what is taking so long to release the new album I want to provide an update.

NEW! T-Shirts added to store!

T-Shirts are now available for purchase from the online store! We have added a 3/4 sleeve baseball-style shirt and a standard classic-fit t-shirt. Both are available in a few different colour and size options. Shipping is available across Canada and USA. Please leave a comment or review to let us know what you think and […]

Garfield Interview with Jacob Hansen of Deep Cut Classic Rock

  Q: Let’s start off with your background and what kind of musical influences you had? Garfield: My influence would go really back to Tim Hardin and very early Randy Newman. Back from his very early days. Before Baltimore and all that sort of stuff. Not the Randy Newman you know now as in Hollywood, […]

Digging through old tapes

  It was only a few months after l launched this website when l received an email from Terry Woodford in Colorado. The email read “Think maybe it’s time to release that second album yet?” Terry produced “Out There Tonight”. l hadn’t heard from him in almost forty years. I was beside myself. The kid inside […]

Garfield in 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to reintroduce myself to the music community. I left the industry abruptly many years ago. I have no desire to get into the reasons at this point in time but for many years I have been making my way back. After leaving I focused on raising a family, and now after a lifetime that has seen me […]