Garfield French


A Class Act (part 2)

This is a forward for the interview that took place between Terry Woodford who produced an album for Wayne Newton as well as Garfield. While I was talking to Terry a few months back I brought up the wonderful experience I had with Jay Stream and Wayne Newton at he studio. Terry listened and then […]

A Class Act (part 1)

While working on the Lost in the Shoals album in Muscle Shoals Alabama we stayed at the Holiday Inn in nearby Florence. On this stay we chose to work the night session at the studio. Mr. Las Vegas himself Wayne Newton was making an album during the day session. Up until this point in my […]

We were on tour and between shows outside Fort Worth, Texas…

We were on tour and between shows were set up in a hotel outside Fort Worth Texas. I took a short flight ahead to do some promo for the next show in Killeen Texas and had one of the best times I can remember with some great people from the local radio station. One of […]

A quick story about Jacques

Jacques told me a story that l really get a chuckle over. You might need to know a little about the French Canadian part of the act to appreciate the humour of this story. Jacques was very protective of me and for that matter anyone in the band or crew. He is loyal and has […]

The night I will never forget

Remember one of the first shows we did. We were working hard in our studio FGF named after my father. It was located on Wildcat up at Keele and Finch in Downsview. Our engineer Gideon was running the band through a tune and my sister Donna who ran the office was up front with me […]

Digging through old tapes

  It was only a few months after l launched this¬†website when l received an email from Terry Woodford in Colorado. The email read “Think maybe it’s time to release that second album yet?” Terry produced “Out There Tonight”. l hadn’t heard from him in almost forty years. I was beside myself. The kid inside […]