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When Arizona Smiles

by Garfield

Here is a preview of the track “When Arizona Smiles” which will be released on the upcoming album. “As we stood there in the desert the sights and sounds took my breath away. This song is an fairly accurate account of the moment. I wish everyone could experience the contentment l experienced and the peace […]

The night I will never forget

by Garfield
in Stories

Remember one of the first shows we did. We were working hard in our studio FGF named after my father. It was located on Wildcat up at Keele and Finch in Downsview. Our engineer Gideon was running the band through a tune and my sister Donna who ran the office was up front with me […]

PODCAST – Remember the Early Days

by Garfield

“I remember another of the early times we were working hard at studio FGF, which was named after my dad. It was located up at Wild Cat, near Keele and Finch, the Downsview area of Toronto. Our engineer Gideon was running the band through a tune while my sister Donna and I ran the office. […]

Digging through old tapes

by Garfield

  It was only a few months after l launched this website when l received an email from Terry Woodford in Colorado. The email read “Think maybe it’s time to release that second album yet?” Terry produced “Out There Tonight”. l hadn’t heard from him in almost forty years. I was beside myself. The kid inside […]

Garfield in 2017

by Garfield
in News

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to reintroduce myself to the music community. I left the industry abruptly many years ago. I have no desire to get into the reasons at this point in time but for many years I have been making my way back. After leaving I focused on raising a family, and now after a lifetime that has seen me […]