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A quick story about Jacques

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Jacques told me a story that l really get a chuckle over. You might need to know a little about the French Canadian part of the act to appreciate the humour of this story.

Jacques was very protective of me and for that matter anyone in the band or crew. He is loyal and has a work ethic that is beyond reproach. This particular show was opening for the Beach Boys At the CNE grandstand in Toronto and the year was 1976. We had just released our first album and Sam of Sam the Record Man presented us that night. I don’t remember much except needing to throw up after looking out from the wing side stage and seeing the size of the crowd. Also I just couldn’t see us with our style in front of thousands of screaming Beach Boy fans.

We were announced by Sam and gave an ok show I guess but when our time was up the lights came on and think I was still so terrified I ran from the stage. As Jacques tells it he saw me come off and my manager caught me in a bear hug and yelled .”Get back out there. They want an encore!”

I guess he must have tried to throw me back out and Jacques said he was ready to attack him for laying his hands on me. I was just scared shitless. My poor manager was just doing his job but the thought of angry Jacques going after him cracks me up.

This was not the only time Jacques flexed his muscles to protect one of us. Several times through the years he came to the rescue of one of us and it usually ended with some poor soul regretting their decision to harass a band or crew member. Just recently he told me about another show that we were the opening act and Jacques told me people were side stage trying to distract him and get him off stage. He said he had to grab a large wrench to get rid of them. Jacques was positioned on stage at the rear corner and an easy target for these shenanigans.

These were the early days and things could get pretty ugly if you upstaged the headliner.

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